The Agile Leader

Lead Change with Agility & Emotional Intelligence

A new brand of leadership - Agile Leadership - has gained prominence. We all know leaders are frequently required to balance, lead, and navigate through many choices and challenges. However, what separates the mediocre or the good, from great leaders is the mindset and ability to keep growing, changing and adapting.

In our fast changing business environment, it is crucial to know how to keep getting better, and change with the environment. Great leaders are self-aware. They know it is important to regularly reflect on how to improve.

You can accelerate growth with our Agile Leadership System workshop. This program provides hands-on application of concepts and techniques derived from neuroscience and psychology to improve the performance of your team, your organization, and yourself. The right mind frame and methodology can create breakthroughs and generate growth - with speed and flexibility.

agile leader

Course Contents

MODULE 1 : Leadership Alert

Leadership mind-set shifts are required to effectively lead in an agile context.

  • Leadership Mind-set Shift
    • Redefining Leadership for a New World
      • Chance, Change & Challenges
      • Change the game: Disrupt or be disrupted

MODULE 2 : The Profile of an Agile Leader

Leadership development framework aligned with Agile thinking to drive effectiveness.

  • Who is an Agile Leader?
    • Qualities of Agile Leader
  • What is Agile thinking?
  • How Agile-thinking can drive effectiveness

agile leader
MODULE 3 : Applied Neuroscience in Agile Leadership

How to train your brain

  • Mind-tools for Mental Renewal, Balance & Agility
    • To improve outcomes through cognitive responses
    • To boost, refuel and re-direct your cognitive resources for mental renewal
  • Identify & Overcome Resistance & Inertia
    Your stuck neural patterns as a leader:
    • Common Fears, and Insecurities from inexperience
    • Threats on status & discomfort of change
    • Appreciate neural pathways that underlie procrastination & risk profiles
  • Employ Power of Neuroplasticity
    • To cope with Change & Stress
    • To manage the impact of pressure on performance
    • To manage negative emotions
    • To develop personal resiliency and grow from Setbacks
    • To lead teams and shift culture from fear to trust
  • To allow Agile Thinking to flourish
    • Learn how to re-wire your brain to access your brain agility and resilience

MODULE 4 : Disruptive Thinking

Disruptive Thinking is survival

  • What is Disruptive Thinking?
  • How to encourage disruptive thinking that fosters innovation and uses disruption as a tool for sustainable success

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  • No cancellation; but we allow substitution if you are unable to attend.