Memory Power Workshop

In today’s technologically advancing world, children are finding it harder to focus and retain thoughts. Wouldn't you agree?

Parents often wonder what goes wrong when it comes to developing the academic of their children. They provide children with everything the children need and yet children aren't performing up to their mark.

Memory is one of the vital determinants of your child's performance at and all throughout his life. Children who suffer from a lack of focus and unwieldy memory face many more setbacks than their normally-developing peers. Memory is actually a reflection of our children mental processes. Having excellent memory usually means that your children have great brain power. Thus, when children are making an effort to better their memory, they are also improving their way of thinking.

The Memory Power Workshop is a structured program aimed at developing SHORT and LONG-TERM memory. Our method is scientifically recognized and is proven to be effective regardless of age or abilities.

improve memory

At the end of this memory power workshop children will be able to:

memory training
  • Effectively use memory power techniques for rapid memorisation & recall
  • Eliminate rote memorisation; saving valuable study time
  • Store information in their long-term memory
  • Explore & develop their creative, visual & imaginative skills
  • Improve concentration, observation & overcome absent-mindedness
  • Develop higher self-confidence
  • Able to apply the techniques in studies such as history, science, geography, etc.
  • Opportunity to participate national and world memory competitions

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for primary and secondary students 10 years and above.

Course Contents

Part 1 - Increase Your Capacity to Remember
  • Scale up Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
  • Memory Problems - understanding how and why we forget is an essential first step in knowing what we need to change.
  • Memory Principles and Rhythms - insight into the different types of memory, how it works and how to remember during and after learning.
  • Secrets of using both sides of your brain.
  • Realise your full memory potential.
  • Explore how to remember words & numbers.
  • Using images to increase your memory power.
  • Secrets of remembering names & faces.
  • How to memorize book, essays & long documents.
  • Increase your memory retention of written data.
  • Memorizing times & dates to help you control your life.
  • How to remember map references & serial numbers.
  • Organise & memorize all the digits you need to know.
  • Building the confidence to speak from memory.
Part 2 - Academic application

Academic application is essential to ensure students know how to apply the learning methods into their school subjects. Is also allowing students to practice memory systems to any school subjects to achieve better grades.

Better enhancement of Higher Oder Thinking Skills (HOTS) in remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, creative thinking and transfer of learning in the academic context efficiently such as:

  • Vocab: using the memory systems to any language words or phrases and make no mistake in spelling.
  • History: to remember and recall specific dates, the events and names.
  • Formulas: to remember and recall formulas of mathematics, science.
  • Sciences and Geography: using the memory systems to remember letters, names, laws, theories, graphical materials, etc.
  • Others academic application fit to students level such as UPSR, PT3, UEC, IGCSE, etc.


First Malaysian Junior Memory Master

(First Malaysian Junior Memory Master)

  • 2016:International Master of Memory, World Memory Championships
  • 2016:Champion (Overall), Malaysia Open Memory Championships (Junior)
  • 2016:Malaysia Record Holder, World Memory Championships (38 Seconds in Speed Cards)
  • 2017:Champion (Dates & Events, UTAR Mind Competition)
  • 2017:Champion (Overall), Malaysia Memory Championships (Junior)
  • 2017:Malaysia Records Holder, Malaysia Memory Championships (5 min.66 words; 10 min. 232 random cards; 148 Digits Spoken Numbers)
  • 2017:8 As in PT3; Straight As in Junior UEC
Champion, Malaysia Open Memory Championships (Junior)


  • 2016:Champion (Binary Numbers), Malaysia Open Memory Championships (Junior)
  • 2016:Consolation Prize (Date & Events, UTAR Mind Competition)
  • 2017:2nd Place (Date & Events, UTAR Mind Competition)
  • 2017:2nd Place (Overall), Malaysia Memory Championships (Junior)
  • 2017:Champion ((Speed Cards),Malaysia Memory Championships (Junior)
  • 2017:5 As in Junior UEC
Champion (10 min Random Cards), Malaysia Memory Championships (Kids)


  • 2017:2nd Place (Names & Faces), Malaysia Open Memory Championships (Kids International)
  • 2017:Champion (10 min Random Cards), Malaysia Memory Championships (Kids)
  • 2017:Top 7 (Names & Faces; Spoken Numbers), IAM Word Memory Championships (Kids International)

About Instructor

Justin Woo

Dr. Justin Woo is a founder of WBS Dynamic Workshop. He is a Medallist Memory Coach of Memory Movement International Memory Sports Academy. He received his Doctorate degree at the age of 28. Dr. Justin specializes in effective learning system which is applicable in every aspect and level of the learner’s requirement in their respective field of studies and working.

Dr. Justin Woo is an invited coach for giving workshops of Memory, Note Taking & Making and Speed Reading in both academic and competition in Malaysia and other Asia countries such as Brunei and China. Besides, he also provides Speed Maths, Stack Cup and Rubik Cube coaching for competition. Dr. Justin has fruitful experience as a judge of memory, speed reading and rubik cube competitions.

Recently, Dr. Justin Woo received Best Coach Award from Memory Movement International Memory Sports Academy. Besides, his students received straight As in studies and also received champion in various competitions such as memory competition, stack cup competition, etc. Dr. Justin also successfully trained one of his student to become the First Malaysian Junior International Master of Memory awarded by World Memory Sports Council.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Date/Time Venue Action
No schedule at the moment. Please check periodically for updates.

Workshop Fees

Workshop Normal Rate Early Bird A Group of 2 Persons & Above
Memory Power Part 1 MYR 680 MYR 650 MYR 580 per person
Memory Power Part 2 MYR 580 MYR 550 MYR 480 per person
Memory Power Part 1 & 2 MYR 1,200 MYR 1,100 MYR 980 per person


  • Early bird discount : Submission of Registration with payment 3 weeks before commencement of program.
  • No cancellation; but we allow substitution if you are unable to attend.
  • Part 2 Prerequisite : Completion of Memory Power Part 1.