Use the power of art

To increase our health & happiness index


Using the powers of art-making to support health and well-being.

Expressing oneself through a drawing, painting, sculpture, mosaic or collage makes our thoughts, feelings, and ideas tangible and communicates what we cannot say through words alone. Through working with art materials, you will feel a sense of self-satisfaction, personal achievement, and accomplishment.


Art therapists are healthcare professionals who are specifically trained to work with a variety of art media such as drawing materials, paints, collage/mixed media, and clay sculpture.

The creative process to help individuals explore interests, concerns, conflicts, and feelings through art expression.

Art therapy can give you another avenue of communication of feelings, thoughts and experiences and can help you to use your own creativity to increase your sense of well-being.

Mosaic Art and Art Jamming

Mosaic art and art jamming session offers young children an opportunity to enjoy and learn. They experiment with materials to find answers, feel, touch and in their own way. It is designed with a child natural curiosity in mind to explore and encourages a positive approach to new experiences which helps to develop concepts in later learning.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way for children to explore during art jamming sessions. This builds self-confidence and self esteem. Through this, children can develop focus, problem solving, planning and discover their creative self.

They get to stretch their imagination, play, learn and have fun! We teach children simple principles and techniques as well as take them through a hands-on practical experience.


  • Develop fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Develop the imagination, colour and visual sensibilities.
  • Nurture creative thinking development skills.
  • Foster independent thoughts and decision making with their learning experience.
  • Cultivate patience and concentration.
  • Expand their knowledge of the world and of new things.
  • Develop a child’s confidence level and raise their self-esteem.
  • Achieve positive emotional responses to learning.
  • Nurture new friendships among children.

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Mosaic Art Session
Art Jamming Session
MYR 60
MYR 60

  • Mosaic Art Session: Suitable for age 5 & above.
  • Art Jamming Session: Suitable for age 4 & above.