Transactional Intelligence
Master Class

Part of NLP for Emotional Intelligence Series

How to communicate effectively

You will be presented with a model you can use as a pretalk to those with negative thinking as well as for couples or teams that are having communication issues. Most influential with bullies and bullying.

This master class provides excellent explanations, group practice, and examples as well as practical applications, stories and anecdotes.

Beryl will demonstrate how you became you, how and why you are sometimes misunderstood or "make" others mad etc. How you or your loved ones began to have low self-image and speak negatively to others and themselves.

I'm OK - You're OK concepts

'I'm OK - You're OK' is probably the best-known expression of the purpose of transactional intelligence: to establish and reinforce the position that recognizes the value and worth of every person. Transactional Intelligence regard people as basically 'OK' and thus capable of change, growth, and healthy interactions.

how to improve communication skills

Why take a look at Transactional Intelligence?

transactional analysis

"Consultants, educators, counselors, therapists and coaches with skills in analyzing transactional patterns are able to understand predict and help improve dysfunctional, unproductive, toxic, uncooperative interactions between people and can quickly help people communicate clearly and effectively at the three levels of the Parent (values,) the Adult (rationality) and the Child (emotions, creativity.)"

Claude Steiner Ph.D.

By the end of this class
you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of "I’m Ok, You’re OK".
  • Name some Transactional Intelligence concepts used in everyday language: ego-states, transactions, games, strokes.
  • Use the Transactional Intelligence model as presented to change your emotional intelligence.
  • Understand how to explain Transactional Intelligence to others so everyone can begin interacting for win-win.
  • Be a better parent, boss, employee.
how to enhance emotional intelligence


"If you only attend only one of Beryl's workshop make this the one. I commend it to many parents. It's a very simple useful system for under-standing how and why you communicate the way you do…and ways to improve."

Joanna Jewell, Mindful Parenting, UAE

"Beryl, you're a brilliant teacher. I wish I'd know this 20 years ago, given myself the protective shield I now have. I shall be teaching to my clients, thank you."

Christina, Coach, Dubai

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Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar

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04 December 2018


9 am - 2 pm


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59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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