Visual Thinking Maps Workshop

mind mapping workshop
What is Visual Thinking Maps?

Visual Thinking Maps is a simple technique for drawing information in diagrams, instead of writing it in sentences. Visual Thinking Maps is considered as an effective visual aid that allows students to group different ideas while enabling teachers showing ideas visually. It showed result improvements in several studies. It also stimulating learning process which makes great contribution to students learning experience.

The importance of Visual Thinking Maps for students are:

  • Create interesting and fun study guides and improve student’s memory power hence better scores in examinations.
  • Take quick notes during class and encourage students to engage themselves in active thinking instead of transcription.
  • Memorize information-mind mapping activates many levels of brain activity and helps students memorize all kinds of information, from vocabulary words to complex physical concepts.
  • Create presentations-students use mind mapping to present ideas, projects and assignments in more creative way.
  • Reading comprehension-some texts can be quite difficult to understand like scientific articles and they often have a complex structure that can throw us off. Taking notes in mind mapping while reading such a text can make it much easier to understand its structure and content.
  • Essay writing- enable students to create essay outline, gather arguments and quotes or brainstorm ideas.
  • Develop their critical thinking skills by analyzing all options with potential alternatives before selecting the best.
  • Explore problem-solving strategies and distinguish possible solutions by visualizing their benefits before any decision making.
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Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for primary and secondary students aged 10 years and above.

About Instructor

Justin Woo

Dr. Justin Woo is a founder of WBS Dynamic Workshop. He is a Medallist Memory Coach of Memory Movement International Memory Sports Academy. He received his Doctorate degree at the age of 28. Dr. Justin specializes in effective learning system which is applicable in every aspect and level of the learner’s requirement in their respective field of studies and working.

Dr. Justin Woo is an invited coach for giving workshops of Memory, Note Taking & Making and Speed Reading in both academic and competition in Malaysia and other Asia countries such as Brunei and China. Besides, he also provides Speed Maths, Stack Cup and Rubik Cube coaching for competition. Dr. Justin has fruitful experience as a judge of memory, speed reading and rubik cube competitions.

Recently, Dr. Justin Woo received Best Coach Award from Memory Movement International Memory Sports Academy. Besides, his students received straight As in studies and also received champion in various competitions such as memory competition, stack cup competition, etc. Dr. Justin also successfully trained one of his student to become the First Malaysian Junior International Master of Memory awarded by World Memory Sports Council.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Date/Time Venue Action
No schedule at the moment. Please check periodically for updates.

Workshop Fees

Workshop Normal Rate
Mind Mapping Workshop MYR 100
Memory Power & Visual Thinking Maps Workshop MYR 150


  • No cancellation; but we allow substitution if you are unable to attend.